First Skating Lessons

I’ve felt proud loads of times with Les Boys, and today was one of days. Having done so much in my skating career, I have to say that my nerves were on high having to be on the sidelines while Les Boys enjoyed themselves on the ice. And the truth is, it was great! Seeing them achieve things on their first lesson was really great notice. But seeing them so happy to be on the ice made me even happier. There are loads of things that I want them to appreciate: languages, reading, and skating are amongst the top of the list…and they this Dad pretty proud!

Post-Church Smiles

Some days, parenting is way easier than others! Things just seem to take shape and Les Boys just dazzle you with everything that they do and complete. And on this beautiful Sunday, I finally was able to take my camera out again to capture those smiles that just brighten up my day. And with smiles like these, my Sunday just marked itself as being one of my favorite ones I’ve had in a very long time. So, after returning from mass this morning, we just had some fun altogether just running around in our church suits!

New Normal

It’s been close to a year now since my last post, and I’ve just started wrapping my head around what is now known as my new normal: a life without my wife after her passing from her diagnosis of Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer. I vividly still remember the night of her passing and the effects of not having her here with me. I miss her terribly and am having a hard time moving forward without her.

What I can say is that throughout this entire ordeal, my wife displayed strength that I’ve never seen or come close to understand as possible. She was the true definition of courage and inspiration. She dealt with everything in such an incredible and positive way that I wish I could just continue seeing her do for my selfish ways. And the greatest thing is that even at her weakest, she continued to be strong minded and steadfast in her beliefs, her faith, and her convictions. She fought long and hard and would continue giving direction even when she was unable to follow through.

This unwanted new normal of mine is now my reality that I struggle with everyday. I miss being able to share things with her, but mainly miss her being able to see how our boys are growing and developing into some pretty cool people amidst their growing into young boys. I miss being a family with her: being able to plan things, do things, and mainly talk about things…together! When you make a life commitment to someone, and it’s shortened, it really devastates your entire outlook on what the future holds and how to plan for it.

Now that this new normal is settling in, it’s hard to even come to grips with how to move forward from here. The decisions that await seem to have heavier repercussions than just moving things around for a better fit. now, it all continues to feel surreal, but most surprising is the understanding that although my wife is still with us spiritually, the physical aspect plays a heavy role in establishing the feeling that she’s no longer part of the decision making process of future choices. It’s very hard to comprehend, but I’m hopeful that little by little, I’ll be able to continue to move forward positively, and be the role model my boys need for their own growth and development.

I miss you Love!


Addie and Amy in Decay

After a long afternoon of shoots, it was great to back urbexing in Baltimore once more. This time though, it was great to be able to work with two beautiful sisters. It gave a completely new perspective on how to attack the shoot and the focus needed to bring out the best of them. Then again, it was just fun to be able to see them enjoy themselves so much in the middle of such decay everywhere. Here are some of the captures from our adventure:

Fun with the Rozmans

On a sunny Sunday morning, the time seemed to fly by when running around beautiful Bella and her parents. It was exciting to see her discover both within the playground area, or the state park we visited as well. Just another great time with a wonderful family!

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